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Ode To Avalanche

Ode To Avalanche
06:26 | 1998

Categories: Documentary, Shorts, Action, Science and Environment

Winner of Best Short Film at the Telluride Mountainfilm Festival, "Ode to Avalanche" is director Ken Bailey's homage to both the terrifying beauty of killer avalanches and the sublime power of Beethoven's great "Ode to Joy."  

A tour de force of adventure cinematography, Bailey placed cameras in the paths of high-mountain avalanches in the Rockies, taking the viewer literally in the path of their deadly onrush; while filming them up close from helicopters and at a distance with tele-photo lenses.  Never before have we been given this close-up view of the sheer terror and unquestioned beauty of one of Nature's most feared phenomena. 


Reviews: B- 2 Fans
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Harry Clark
May 20, 2014
pretty good
Alfred Neuman
July 29, 2013
Eric Lane
June 29, 2013
Christian Swenson
March 4, 2012
Oh! This is gorgeous to behold...