On the Border of Desperation

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Categories: Documentary, Biography, Foreign
52:55 | 2009
On the Border of Desperation tells the story of two teenagers, Rebowar (17 years) and Shahoo (18 years) and fifty-year-old Tala. It is about their struggle against poverty and for a better life in Kurdistan in Iran bordering to Iraq. They earn a living by illegally carrying petrol across the border to Iraq at great risk for their health and life.

Smuggling petrol between these two countries may seem absurd as they both are among the richest countries in the world as regards oil reserves. Still the people of these areas are forced into this infernal trade by harsh living conditions.


Topics: Iran, Petrol, Illegal, Iraq, Smuggling, Poverty, Health, Oil, Challenge, Legal, Government, Debt
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Robert Bell
Robert Bell
October 13, 2013
Linda Sebastian
Linda Sebastian
August 24, 2013
Enrique Delgado Elenes
Enrique Delgado Elenes
October 20, 2012
no la alcance a ver para la proxima gracias.
Kamal Baloch
Kamal Baloch
June 18, 2012
the baloches of western balochistan(occupied by iran )and the eastern balochistan(occupied by pakistan)on the border of both side living in similar conditions like kurds.and being a owner of rich land they are for survival of life being killed by pakistani agencies and hanged by irani army everyday.this is a life routine like.we are better feeling the situation of brother kurds conditions.