The Oneida Speak

The Oneida Speak
56:29 | 2008

Categories: History, Biography, History

The instructional television program, THE ONEIDA SPEAK, is based in part on oral interviews of Oneida Indian elders in Wisconsin conducted between 1939-1941, as a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project sponsored by the federal government. Several stories from these interviews are reenacted in this program, which also includes interviews of contemporary Oneida historians, cultural preservationists, and elders by program producers. Oneida voices, both historic and contemporary, tell their own Oneida stories--stories of loss and rejuvenation over the past 150 years. Nominated for two Emmys.


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Bill Snyder
August 21, 2013
Very interesting history of the Oneida
Raquel Chapa
June 30, 2013
James Fletcher
May 27, 2012
During the American revolution the Oneidas were allied with the Colonists against england , this caused a rift in the Iriquois nation and the first "war" between the nations members in over 300 years, Most of The Iriquois nation members fought on the side of the British. It is part of the reason the Oneidas left their Native land in N.Y. Jim in Utica, N.Y. Oneida County
Beatrice Jackson
March 1, 2012
The story of Oneida Immigrations from NY to Green bay is very important, the journals from 1939-1941 tell the missing stories of clan mothers, Boarding schools, quarrying stone, births and deaths, how life continues.
Dorene Wiese
March 1, 2012
Beautiful piece....
Quaitie Stella
February 3, 2012
How essential language is to Indigenous culture.