Orthodox Stance

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For the last 60 years, the term "Jewish boxer" has been an oxymoron. But Dmitriy Salita, a 25 year-old Russian immigrant is making history as a top professional boxer and a rigorously observant Jew. While providing an intimate, 3-year long look at the trials and tribulations faced by an up and coming professional boxer, ORTHODOX STANCE is a portrait of seemingly incompatible cultures and characters (boxing trainers, promoters and rabbis) working together to support Dmitriy's rare and remarkable devotion to both Orthodox Judaism and the pursuit of a professional boxing title. In the end, ORTHODOX STANCE is about more than just boxing and religion, but a young man's search for meaning in life.


Topics: Extreme Sports, Judaism, Boxing, Faith and Inspiration, Beliefnet, Gym, Training, Athletic, Dream Chasing, Fascinating People, Challenge
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Jason Hutt
Jason Hutt
July 28, 2014
Stephanie Sharis
Stephanie Sharis
March 28, 2013