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Peter Jennings Reporting: LAPD

Peter Jennings Reporting: LAPD
42:21 | 2004

Categories: Documentary, Politics

PETER JENNINGS REPORTING: LAPD looks at what happens when the nation's most famous police officer takes over the nation's most infamous police department. The result is a complex tale about the struggle for power-from the top brass to the rank and file cops to the gang members who plague the streets of Los Angeles.

Scandals of the recent past-Rodney King, OJ Simpson, and Rampart- left police officers demoralized. LAPD's finest were staying in their cars engaging in what Bratton calls "smiling and waving policing," and the streets were left to the gangs. When Bratton arrived, Los Angeles was the murder capital of America.

LAPD spends a year inside the toughest division in the city. South East division is 10 square miles where some 65 gangs rule the streets. The violence is staggering. It spares no one, not even the police. Riding with gang officers, following detectives through investigations, observing the top brass planning policy, and talking with community members in the aftermath of police crackdowns, this program explores how a department with a troubled reputation struggles to stem the violence and gain the trust of a skeptical community.

LAPD draws a complicated, challenging, and at times tragic portrait of the devastation wrought by gang warfare and the struggle of a police department to regain control.


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Otik Bot
November 18, 2013
Ann Tramonte
November 15, 2013
Karen R Scott
August 10, 2013
Now clean up crew & collections agency they never held any of the wrongdoings, attacks & rape accountable, never. You are not respected!!! I wouldn't feel this way if these incidents didn't happened. And you are screwed if you are trying to prevent something. They just let it go and a girl was killed. They are not afraid of anything both just likes to hurt, period. The police hurts the innocents, allow the thugs that have committed harmful unlawful acts go to continue and the police just give tickets for profit to law abiding citizens. The corruption is even in the courts.
Marcia Castile
October 16, 2012
I have tried several times to view the video, but it does not load. What a shame> Were else can I go to see the video.
Diana Raymond
April 18, 2012
Well, your ads play just fine so, it's not us...NO VIDEO.
Mick Wood
March 1, 2012
Video doesn't download properly! shame, i really wanted to see this.