Pillars of Hope



Milena Schwager
One of the exciting parts of the history of Kuwait is the transformation of women?s roles ? their empowerment, and the establishment of a new social model of a Muslim woman.

Since winning the right to vote in 2005, Kuwaiti women have seen the country?s first female cabinet minister. But that's just the first step in ensuring that women's issues are addressed fairly. Activist women in Kuwait had ruler Sheikh Jabir al-Ahmad al-Sabah as their champion to push through the legislation that granted them the vote in an all-male parliament. The support was unprecedented.

The entire world is now living in a very negative environment affected by the tragic September the 11th. We all are equally afraid that such horrific events could be repeated in other places. We all are worried about our children?s future. Many in the Middle East are concerned and angry that the media is tarnishing their image, more so since those who committed these terrible crimes had been of Middle Eastern origin. The image of Arab women has been also distorted. This film will tell tell the story of several Kuwaiti women, who paved the way for others. It will educate the western audience and empower women of the Arab World.

Pillars of Hope documents the progress  of Kuwaiti women rights movement, their uneasy path to the right to vote,and  it also sheds light about the amazing sacrifices made by the kingdom?s women during the Iraqi invasion and occupation; and how that episode launched a steady process of female emancipation that is still unfolding.  

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