Pit No. 8 (Auk Nr. 8)

94mins | 2011 | DocumentaryNR
The eastern Ukrainian coal-mining town of Snezhnoje, which prospered during the Soviet era, now lives in poverty. Years ago, the town's desperate residents started mining illegally - excavating in abandoned mines, under the basements of demolished buildings, in the neighborhood woods and parks, as well as in their own gardens. This emotionally riveting documentary focuses on the Sikanov family. Fifteen-year-old Yura, the grandson of a once-powerful Soviet plant director, puts his dreams on hold to provide for his younger sisters in the only possible way: perilously digging for the last remaining scraps in this once-thriving coal town. PIT NO. 8 (AUK NR. 8) was an official selection of the 2011 Hot Docs Film Festival, and the winner of two awards at the 2011 Full Frame Documentary Festival.
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