Ram Dass: Answering Life's Questions

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54:00 | 2003
Renowned counter-cultural guru Ram Dass, formerly known as Richard Alpert, has led the life of a seeker, traveler, and social activist. In addition to inspiring a generation to open its mind to many Eastern religious practices, Ram Dass created the Prison Ashram Project and the Dying Project, which taught terminally ill individuals about other planes of consciousness, and also co-created the Seva Foundation, which collaborates with doctors and activists in India, Nepal, Guatemala and the US.

In Ram Dass: Answering Life's Questions Ram Dass provides guidance on life's most perplexing challenges from the perspective of a journeyman who has finally reached his destination.


Topics: Religion, Prison, Terminally Ill, Travel, Social Activism, Medical, Faith
Reviews: B 9 Fans
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