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Republican Dad

Republican Dad
35:01 | 2010

Categories: Documentary, Politics, Shorts

Many of us have relatives whose political beliefs clash with our own. In my case, the family member with whom I disagree most is my own father. And in 2008 he ran for the U.S. House of Representatives. When my dad was younger, his political beliefs were closer to mine. In 1968, he cast his first vote in a Presidential election for Democrat Hubert Humphrey. Today my dad is a Republican politician. What happened? Set against the backdrop of the 2008 Presidential election, REPUBLICAN DAD follows the dramatic twists and turns of my dad's campaign for Congress and explores his political evolution over the course of his life. Though his campaign provides a narrative thread, the story is not about whether my dad won or lost. The film is really about what happens when fathers and sons, or mothers and daughters, believe in different things.


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Dorothy Pulley
June 22, 2015
Matthew Schlobohm User
September 13, 2014
Brian Mac
June 15, 2014
Christi Fuson Cokeley
May 9, 2014
Michael Pielocik
April 18, 2014
Johannes Broekmeijer
December 14, 2013
November 20, 2013
Jonas Souza
November 14, 2013
thomas mcgrath
October 7, 2013
This is nothing more than a poorly put together home movie. Not much said here in my opinion. He very ineptly compares his poor relationship with his father to that of his Dad's relationship with his father. I expected more from SNAG.
Hugh Phillips
October 7, 2013
Fantastic film. I definitely understand the son more than the father!
Mary Prestwood
October 3, 2013
linas sulas
August 28, 2013
Ariel Kasler
August 15, 2013
July 18, 2013
Eli Watts
July 14, 2013
Fritz Kreiss
July 3, 2013
Stephanie Sharis
May 19, 2013
Reid Peifer
April 2, 2013
Nicholas Wolfwood
October 18, 2012
That was a heartfelt doc. I enjoyed the way the creator tied this film together with an old home video his dad made of his dad before he passed away.
Wendy Temple
May 15, 2012
That was actually a very touching film! It's good to see so much love between you and your dad, he's a good guy, who has accomplished. some good things in his life. I understand your frustration about the conservative mindset, however. I am 55 years old, have always. been very liberal, and never changed my views on things at all during my life. My mom, who died a year ago at age 78, was also very. liberal - she stood in line for three hours in order to vote for Obama the first time, and I'm sorry she won't be around to vote for. his second term. However, all my younger siblings are rabid Republicans! How that happened I don't know. My closest sister actually. campaigned for Sarah Palin. I don't live in the same state, so we don't discuss politics much, except in very general terms. I tell her that at least she's involved in the process, which is better than some. But she and my younger brother, who is in the Army and. has spent tour in Afghanistan (administrative, not fighting!) are followers of Glenn Beck, who I think is the reincarnation of. Hitler! My brother got very obnoxious about his views and I had to tell him to take a hike - there were other things dysfunctional. going on, so that was just some disrespect on his part. I think what struck me was how such an intelligent person as your dad did not really have an understanding of what caused the. financial collapse. It started with Reagan's deregulation of Wall Street and the following 30 years of letting corporations and. wealthy individuals stop contributing to the tax base of this country. I can't imagine voting for someone like Romney, who keeps his. own money in Swiss banks and foreign tax shelters! And the lie they keep telling that giving the upper-upper class more tax breaks. will magically rain down jobs for the rest of us is just baloney. I just don't see how anyone at this stage of the game could believe. the war in Iraq was at all justified, 9/11 or no 9/11. Now the country is saddled with huge debt because Bush did that - worst. president in US history - absolutely! I have been very disappointed in how Obama has handled the financial crisis, and with JP Morgan it is happening again. These guys HAVE to be regulated, or they will just gamble with other people's money. There has been no fallout, and the Republicans are stalling. on the Dodd-Frank bill to fix it, as well as doing CRAZY things in Congress by just refusing to do the country's business. The mortgage crisis may have offered lower interest rates, but only up-front, and when those ballon interest rates increased on. existing mortgages most people were in over their heads. That was never supposed to be a type of loan that was as widely used as it. got, and much of those mortages are predatory as well as inflated housing prices which will take years and years to come back in many. areas of the country. No follow-up on that problem, either! Your family lost a lot, but some people lost everything and then got. forclosed on, and many people who are age 50 and up are having a MUCH harder time finding another job, so your Dad was actually very. fortunate. The one scene that struck me was how FRIGHTENED the conservatives were of Obama! They actually thought he was going to be some kind. of terrorist? That rational people could think that, and then could not see how much worse someone like Palin would be, with no. qualifications at all, is really puzzling to me. Obama went after Saddam! McCain showed terrible judgement in his reckless choice for. vp - and conservatives can't see that? I'm just praying Romney doesn't get elected. Obama needs to get tougher on regulating the markets after he's re-elected. There's enough money to go around in this country if we stop wasting it on defense, and start requiring offshore corporations to pay some. taxes. Otherwise, you will have the working poor and the middle class as the only people who will be responsible for paying off the. deficit.
Stanley Moore
May 9, 2012
"He hangs out with terrorist." Puhlease!
Nanc McDougall
May 4, 2012
Well done. Kinda reminded me of my deceased mother (and my dad that is still alive) and I. I loved her and love my dad dearly; however, we did not see eye to eye on politics. My parents had a picture of George W. Bush and his wife also, that started a few political conversations. Your dad is a really nice guy, and a Republican too. :)
Pablo Barrera
April 29, 2012
Excellent! I have almost the same situation. My father is very conservative about social issues, deep Catholic, while I'm an atheist liberal. I think the only reason he's not a Republican is because since he came as an immigrant from South America, immigration is his one issue vote and Republicans don't agree with him on that. You should see what Christmas is like in my family lol.
Adrian Manzano
April 28, 2012
very well done,
Steve Martin
April 27, 2012
very good...sorta like me & my Dad.
Zoltán Barabás
April 26, 2012
Wonderful film; elegant and touching. Well done!