Ben TeplitzkyEdy Soto
Nomar RizzoJose Antonio BadiaAbe JalladAlejandra BacaAngel Herrera
Xavi works as a waiter at one of the most luxurious restaurants in Juarez, Mexico. He saves his tips in the hopes of buying a engagement ring. However the customers can be quite demanding, especially tonight. Diego Ortega, an expertly poised yet nefarious and wealthy 'business man' decides to stop in for a bite. With armed guards providing security, Diego takes over the entire restaurant and Xavi has the unenviable task of taking care of his table.

Xavi rises to the occasion and expertly handles the most difficult dinner guest of his life. As a reward, Diego provides Xavi with a giant tip. Now with enough money in his pocket to buy several rings; Xavi is ready to ask the big question. Unfortunately for Xavi, when a dust-covered ranchero named Torres enters the restaurant, his messages prevent Xavi from ever proposing and portrays a realistic portrait of modern day Mexico.