Kevin Wagoner
Ernest HeinzMatt MarkeySabrina BolinJessica Manuel
In this charming romantic comedy, the road to true love is a rocky path indeed. Lovable loser Ricky McDown (Matt Markey, who also wrote the screenplay) is a struggling actor with a light wallet, a big heart and an even bigger Rocky Balboa fixation. This regular joe is head over heels for his gorgeous new girlfriend, Tracy (Jessica Manuel)?and he's planning to propose. Not impressed with his plastic wine glasses, "chateau de dollar store" vino and gumball machine ring, this diva-in-training unceremoniously dumps him?via voicemail no less?after six weeks. Desperate and heartsick, Ricky is determined to win her back?but he is completely clueless about the truth behind their short-lived "relationship". With the help of his misguided (but well-intentioned) best buds, his adorable boxing gym pal Janie (Sabrina Bolin) and some much-needed inspiration from the Italian Stallion, Ricky may just find true love after all.
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