Rolling Stones: Rock of Ages



Gilliam Bartlett
ROCK OF AGES charts the amazing story of the greatest rock band in the world, chronicling their first ever gig at the Marquee Club (on July 12, 1962), the line-up changes, the famous ?rivalry? with the Beatles, their meteoric rise to fame (and notoriety) due to their live performances as well as personal dramas. From their earliest beginnings (when manager Andrew Loog Oldham was eager to present the group as the antithesis of the family-friendly Fab Four) trouble followed the band wherever it went?with numerous drug busts, in-fighting within the members of the group, and offstage antics with groupies. Since then, The Stones have gone from strength to strength, despite continuing drug busts, the tragic concert at Altamont and the high-profile love life of Mick Jagger. In recent years, however, the Stones have concentrated on their live shows, still giving 100% despite their collective age. The Rolling Stones will keep on rolling?for years to come.
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