Rude Dude

91 MINS2014DocumentaryTVPG
Ian Fischer
Steve RudeMike BaronAlex RossMike RichardsonNeal AdamsMike Allred
In the documentary portrait RUDE DUDE, an artist swaps the comic book shop for gallery walls, all while dealing with his own personal demons. Best known for co-creating (with writer Mike Baron) the 1981 independent sci-fi comic series Nexus, award-winning illustrator Steve "The Dude" Rude is an eccentric personality as colorful as his comic book art. At the age of 53, Rude confronts the extreme suffering he has experienced due to his bipolar disorder, and decides to leave the industry that made him famous to pursue a new and quieter lifestyle. Filmmaker Ian Fischer (Magritte Moment) follows Rude's transition and descent into the world of fine art painting.
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