Sally Gross: The Pleasure of Stillness

SALLY GROSS: THE PLEASURE OF STILLNESS is a documentary about the critically acclaimed New York-based modern dancer and choreographer. Called "the most poetic of minimalist modern-dance choreographers" by New York Times dance critic Jennifer Dunning, Gross has been dancing for more than five decades. Having grown up in the Lower East Side of the 1930s and '40s, she became affiliated with the so-called Beat Generation in the 1950s and appeared in Robert Frank and Alfred Leslie's landmark cult film PULL MY DAISY. In the early 1960s, she was part of the Judson Dance Theater?a group of choreographers, visual artists, musicians and writers that were at the forefront of postmodern dance. A lot of her dances, specifically her solos, are autobiographical and touch upon themes like her parents' immigrant experience, motherhood, the mother-daughter relationship, mysticism and general meditations on life. Now in her seventies, Sally continues to perform every year. This is an intimate film about the life and times of this remarkable and charismatic artist who continues to create experimental work with an unwavering and gentle determination.