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Categories: History, Politics
1:00:00 | 2007
Ours is a time of illicit war, unchecked corporate greed, and a presidential regime that supports such indecencies. This is the Bush Agenda, and the conditions for ending it have altered due to the incomprehensible scale of this unparalleled military-corporate-government-media behemoth. Can one person's actions contribute to checking or better yet changing these huge offenses? And can regular people use the media to grow the scope and speed--the SCALE--of their own voices and principled agendas?



Topics: Voting, Politics, Government, War, Society, Agenda, Bush, Conservative, Corporate, Military, President
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Clemmie Mcfall
Clemmie Mcfall
September 8, 2013
Armani Hernandez
Armani Hernandez
July 20, 2012
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