Secrets of War: D-Day Deceptions

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Categories: Documentary, Politics, War, History
33:24 | 1999
It was the greatest secret of World War Two - the time and place of the D-Day invasion, but also the time of D-Day Deceptions.  As the future of Europe and the world hung in the balance, an intricate web of lies tied up German army divisions across Europe - concealing the greatest assembly of men and machines in military history.  From double agents to phantom armies, it was the battle behind the battle?


Topics: World War II, War, Military, Weapons, German, Double Agent, Central Intelligence Agency, Lies, Doubts, Betrayals, D-Day, Europe, Germany
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Lee Smit
Lee Smit
June 7, 2012
Time and time again I get the message "Sorry, we have not been given the rights to stream this film in your area" WHAT IS WRONG WITH SOUTH AFRICA NOW? We abolished apartheid, changed our way of thinking about equality, amended our laws to include everyone in the right to a safe living and working environment. So why can't I view a film about D-day?
Greg Robertson
Greg Robertson
June 6, 2012
Was just getting ready for the invasion, really interesting and the film ends, nadda! That was aweful!