Secrets of War:Hitler's Last Days

Hitler's Last Days
45:00 | 1999

Categories: War, History

Secret Nazi attempts to turn the tide of war as Berlin crumbled; Joseph Goebbel's diaries provide a fresh understanding of life inside Hitler's bunker in the final days of the Reich.

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Charles Colenaty
December 11, 2014
Johnny Shiloh
May 4, 2013
Oh that America had a Eisenhower, who warned against the military-industrial complex, today, a misguided, self-important complex which is literally bankrupting our nation and leading us to a police state and the steady dismantling of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Eisenhower's very countenance spoke of integrity and decency. In the 1950's my father was in a gas station in the Los Angeles area when an Eisenhower entourage was there also, for a gas fill-up I presume. My father, a veteran of World War II, yelled to Eisenhower, "I like Ike!" Eisenhower smiled and waved.