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Secrets of War:Nazi Propaganda

Nazi Propaganda
51:22 | 1999

Categories: Documentary, History, War

From newsreels and newspapers to well choreographed spectacles, Nazi propaganda laid the foundation early on for war and retribution in Europe.

Reviews: A+ 3 Fans
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Brian Culler
January 25, 2014
Eddie Burgess
May 1, 2013
They could have learned something from Fox News.
Pj Parker
February 12, 2014
You can't see that the right wing, especially Karl Rove (aka The Architect), learned EVERYTHING from the Nazi's? Karl Rove was no genius. He PLAGIARIZED his every move. He copied the playbook, word for word. In the mean time, Roger Ailes, right hand man to Richard Nixon, dreamed up GOP TV. When he met Rupert Murdoch, it was a propagandist's dream come true. Fox is not news, it's GOP TV, aka right wing propaganda.
Eddie Burgess
August 2, 2012
Does any of this look at all familiar?
Eric Siverson
July 17, 2012
If we study Hitlers propaganda and compare it to NATO propaganda now. We see NATO is using the same tactics with even less oppostion. Now the most sensible opposition is just deemed silly. It workd in Yugoslavia in the 90s even better than in Chechoslavoka. The Hague courts lies have not even been dicovered yet to be a totaly false court. the fast majority of the world people believe this is a legitimate justice institution.