Semi Colin



Damien Lay
Colin Murray
Award-winning director Damien Lay's film is a well-crafted exploration into a universal conundrum; what is art and what is pornography?

 SEMI COLIN challenges us to explore our inner self just as the acclaimed graphic novelist Colin Murray does, for the first time in his life. Stimulating the intellect and providing the opportunity to explore one's own natural voyeuristic urges, this stirring documentary delves deeply into the mind of the erotic illustrator. Part performance, part art and very much part social commentary, Colin Murray surfaces to philosophize on his life's obsessive work. And, just as Colin's lusty provocateurs emerge from the paper through quivering brush and pen, filmmaker Damien Lay coaxes the artist from the self imposed shadows of his explicit imagination to delicately expose the blurry boundaries between eroticism and art.

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