South Coast

Ishan Shukla
Native SonBattlejamDirty DiggersBuzzMonkey SonsReq1Norman CookBlackgrassRarekindAroe
This ain't East Coast. This ain't West Coast. This is SOUTH COAST! Forget MTV images of bling, bucks and materialism?this feature documentary is a fascinating and exuberant look at hip-hop finding a truly British identity in seaside England. Four years in the making, the film has been upending preconceptions about rap and hip hop across the globe. Bursting with banging tunes, illuminating interviews, stunning breaking, graffiti pieces and live performances, SOUTH COAST charts the arrival of hip hop in the UK in the 1980s, the formation of home-grown Britcore crews and their success in Europe (but invisibility in the UK), the dark days of rave when UK hip hop was a pariah, and finally to more recent years where it has found a distinct English accent out of the shadows of the U.S.
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