Suitable for Murder

86mins | 2008 | ThrillersTV14
Director Fred P. Watkins
Starring Nate Rubin, Jackson Bostwick, Morgana Shaw, Ali Faulkner
In this high-intensity, Texas-set crime thriller, veteran homicide detective Joe Mondragon (Jackson Bostwick) reluctantly teams up with rookie desk cop Samantha Baines (Ali Faulker) to hack and track a nasty pair of serial killers who trawl Internet chat rooms for victims. As part of the Police Intelligence division, Samantha definitely feels more comfortable working a computer than handling a gun, and her tech skills are sorely needed to crack the case. But their investigation goes horribly awry when the tough-as-nails Joe is killed during a brutal shootout with the perps?and Samantha is unable to fire her weapon. Wracked with guilt, she gradually reinvents herself with the help of a new friend and the Head of Homicide?and Samantha embarks on a relentless mission to avenge her partner's death and catch the killers.
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