Summertime In New York



Max Weissberg
Eric Yves GarciaRob HollanderJenny GraceLethia NallH.R. BrittonOlivia HortonMichele Cesari
A circle is unknowingly formed by six people through friendship, love and casual sex in the Big Apple. One of the six, an actress named Julia, thinks she's gotten her big break when she lands a meaty part in a new crime film. The director, however, has some radical theories about filmmaking. He believes that Julia?instead of relying solely on her lines and the script?must completely become the character of "Anya," the daughter of a Russian arms dealer. In order to do that, she must learn how to negotiate with hit men, handle a gun and enter into the mind of a criminal. But when Julia finds out she is not the only Anya in the mix, this strange circle begins to tighten, twist?and finally break. SUMMERTIME IN NEW YORK screened at the 2011 SXSW Film Festival as a short film entitled "Room 4 Rent."
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