Sweet Honey in the Rock

Stanley Nelson
Ysaye BarnwellArnaeNitanju CaselAisha KahlilCarol MaillardKojo NnamdiBernice ReagonToshi ReagonLouise RobinsonShirley Saxton
Renowned filmmaker Stanley Nelson captures the history of the renowned African-American a cappella group, and follows their 30th anniversary concert tour. SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK includes footage from concerts, rehearsals, the tour bus and the daily life of the members: Carol Maillard seeing her son off to his high school prom; Nitanju Bolade Casel singing to her son in the morning; Ysaye Maria Barnwell leading a community singing workshop. After Bernice Johnson Reagon announces her retirement, the other members of Sweet Honey hold auditions for a new member. The movie includes the encore from the group's final concert performing with Reagon.
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