Tell the Truth and Run

Rick Goldsmith
Susan SarandonDaniel EllsbergRalph NaderGeorge SeldesEdward Asner
Nominated for Best Feature Documentary at the 1997 Academy Awards, TELL THE TRUTH AND RUN is both a portrait of controversial journalist George Seldes and a piercing examination of censorship and suppression in the American news media. With narration by Susan Sarandon, readings of Seldes's work by Ed Asner and stunning archival footage, this fascinating profile features interviews with Ralph Nader, Victor Navasky, Ben Bagdikian, Daniel Ellsberg, Nat Hentoff, Jeff Cohen?and Seldes himself (he passed away in 1995 at the age of 104). In his eighty years in journalism?including a decade as a Chicago Tribune foreign correspondent?he witnessed many of the events that shaped the twentieth century. Censored by the Bolsheviks and expelled from Italy by Mussolini, Seldes once wrote, "The newspaper game for me was something like the thrilling thing it is in fiction. But from the first day to the last, there was censorship, there was suppression of news, there was distortion and coloring of the news, there was always an attempt by someone to mislead the public." Ostracized and marginalized by the mainstream press, he was nonetheless an inspiration to three generations of journalists and pundits.
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