The AIDS Chronicles: Here to Represent



Bailey Barash
Augustine Uzor OgbueDavid Whitters LMSWApostle Dr YaQar
In the United States, AIDS has been forgotten, but it is far from gone, especially for African Americans. Between 1985 and 1995, in the midst of the HIV/AIDS holocaust, it was becoming clear that African Americans were rapidly overtaking whites as the fastest growing population to be infected. Even after the year 2000, when AIDS was no longer hitting the headlines and many people believed drugs could keep it under control, AIDS continues to be one of the leading killers of African Americans.

THE AIDS CHRONICLES: HERE TO REPRESENT is a focused look at the social and cultural impact of AIDS on the large African American community of the city of Atlanta. People of every educational and economic level, gender identity, age, and religion are infected or affected by AIDS. Those featured want their stories to be told;  and open their lives to the camera, holding little back. Through their actions, decisions and behaviors we learn why AIDS still rages as an epidemic for African Americans. 

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