The Arrangement

49mins | 2004 | ShortsTVPG


Nathalie Borgers
THE ARRANGEMENT a documentary by Nathalie Borgers shows the portraits of several young people sharing a similar background -- they are all descending from Turkish families but have been growing up in Vienna. Each of them tries to cope with the complexity of the situation they are in - having a conservative parents' house on the one hand and having all the liberties an European metropolis offers on the other hand. The student Serpil wants to choose her husband herself but knows at the same time that if she becomes engaged to an Austrian her parents will not approve this at all. Gülümser, another young woman just agreed to an arranged marriage to leave her parents' home. The documentary deals with the experience of double identity, the perception of reality and allows us to discover what it means for a 20 year-old with a Turkish cultural background to face her parents' expectations and, in particular, an arranged wedding.
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