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The Art of Balance

The Art of Balance
06:10 | 2008

Categories: Shorts, Sports, Festivals

In a society where singular dedication to a career seems like the only way, Gary Synder struggles to balance two lives and thrive as both an art dealer and an Aikido instructor.

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The International Documentary Challenge is a timed filmmaking competition where filmmakers have 5 days to make a short non-fiction film (4-7 minutes.) All of the registered participants make their films during the same time period (early March) and are required to ship the movie by the deadline. In addition to being restricted on time, the filmmakers must choose between 2 assigned documentary genres (such as Biography, Music, 1st Person, etc.) and are assigned a specific theme (such as "Freedom") that will dictate the content and direction of their film. The top 12 films (determined by a panel of judges) premiere at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival in Toronto where the Winners are announced. After the premiere, there are additional theatrical screenings in major cities, possible television exposure and a DVD release of the best films.


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Renee Larson
March 7, 2015
Rick Samders
November 6, 2013
Please practice ....
tom sfini
September 6, 2013
Ernie Marumoto
December 10, 2011
Very ingenious use of space and to use it with Aikido is a application of one of Aikido's primary principles. Becoming one with your surroundings. I wish I could express it better but Aikido can't be explain you need to experience it.