The Best Government Money Can Buy



Francis Megahy
Fred WertheimerHon. Anthony J. MoffettTerry LiermanNicholas CalioPatrick E. O?DonnellR. Bruce Josten
The cost of election campaigns has spiraled out of control, to the extent that, on average, our representatives spend more than 25% of their time fund-raising. Even our Presidents regularly interrupt the nation's work in order to spend time fund-raising! Veteran documentary film-maker, British-born Francis Megahy, makes a journey of discovery as he tries to answer some questions which puzzle him: who provides the money? What effect does it have? How is it connected to the financing of political campaigns?  And most crucial, is it in the public interest? This documentary is an exploration of the issue through interviews with real Washington beltway insiders, key participants in the process who often speak with surprising candor.
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