The Big Lift



George Seaton
Montgomery CliftPaul DouglasO.E. HasseCornell BorchersBruni L�bel
From the ruins come hope and despair. THE BIG LIFT is a true account of the 1948 Berlin Airlift, which provided food and supplies to the Western sector of Berlin during the Soviet?s blockade of the city. Sgt. 1st Class Danny MacCullough (four-time Oscar nominee Montgomery Clift, From Here To Eternity) and his friend Master Sgt. Henry "Hank" Kowalski (Paul Douglas, A Letter to Three Wives) are among the American air force officers called upon to risk their lives to transport supplies to the desperate citizens. But the grim war is soon left behind, as budding romances emerge between two women and the soldiers. Director George Seaton (Miracle on 34th Street) filmed on location with actual military personnel in supporting acting roles, making this classic drama one of the most remarkable war films of all time.
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