The Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords

86mins | 1999 | DocumentaryTVG
Stanley Nelson
Evelyn Cunningham, Christopher Reed, George Barbour, Walter Gordon
Directed by Stanley Nelson and narrated by actor Joe Morton, THE BLACK PRESS: SOLDIERS WITHOUT SWORDS, highlights a powerful and engaging account of American history that has been virtually forgotten: the story of the pioneering black journalists documented a population who was otherwise ignored, from facilitating the migration of southern blacks to northern cities to honoring black soldiers in World War II. The film weaves music by Grammy award-winning jazz artist Ron Carter with archival footage, photographs and interviews with editors, photographers and journalists of the Black Press. Several key reporters, publishers and photo journalists were interviewed for the film shortly before their deaths, including John Sengstacke, publisher of the only daily black newspaper still in production, the Chicago Defender; and Charles "Teenie" Harris, retired staff photographer with the Pittsburgh Courier.
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