The Cult Of The Suicide Bomber 2

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2:30:00 | 2008
On 18 April 1983 a truck drove into the entrance of the US embassy in downtown Beirut killing 63 people, including six CIA officers. Never before had the CIA lost so many officers in a single attack. In the weeks and months after the bombing top investigators from the CIA and FBI failed to solve the mystery of who was responsible. For Robert Baer, the CIA s top operative in the Middle East, it became a lifelong obsession.

His investigation and the answers he found became the Emmy Award-nominated motion picture, The Cult of the Suicide Bomber. In the first film Bob uncovered the history and evolution of suicide bombing as a weapon of radical Islam. Now in this vital new film he discovers how the phenomenon has spread to the West and changed the role of women in the Middle East, and crucially tells us how this threat can be defeated.

With shocking footage of actual suicide bombings and interviews with failed suicide bombers, The Cult of the Suicide Bomber is the most definitive documentary on suicide bombers ever produced.

Baer himself says: I almost look at the Cult of the Suicide Bomber films as a CIA briefing. In the CIA, we were taught to go to policy makers and tell them what we believe is the absolute truth. For me, the Cult films are the absolute truth.


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December 18, 2013
I don't agree with what the suicide bombers do, but this provided an interesting insight into how they think.
Jackie Debs
Jackie Debs
July 18, 2012
I just can't believe how unreasonable these people are. If their main objective and complaint was for the western governments to stop occupying Muslim countries or meddling in Muslims affairs, that would be reasonable. However, these people won't be happy until they force everyone into their constricting religion, which is preposterous. It is pure arrogance and it makes it hard for me to feel any pity for these people. How delusional do you have to be, to live in a world with hundreds of unique religions and not only believe that yours is the only 'correct' one, but believe it so much that you are willing to slaughter innocent people to try to force them to agree with you? I think it is very telling that the west is willing to extend tolerance and accepting to a religion that many see as destructive. Living side by side in peace with Muslims in all major western cities. Allowing them to freely practice their religion. Meanwhile these people are lining up in droves to kill innocents for varied reasons, but often due to intolerance of non Muslims. Shame upon you.