The Drunk

Paul FleschnerWilliam Tanoos
Jesse VenturaPaul FletchnerTom SizemoreWilliam Tanoos
Starring Tom Sizemore (Black Hawk Down) and former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura (Predator), THE DRUNK is an inspirational story of love, loss, politics and family. When Joe Debs (played by co-director William Tanoos)?grandson of legendary labor union leader and five-time Socialist Party presidential candidate Eugene V. Debs?gets arrested for driving under the influence, he chalks it up to just another incident in his long and illustrious drinking career. But when he discovers that the corrupt prosecuting attorney plans to put him in jail for his own political gain, Joe decides to challenge him for the Democratic nomination for Governor of Indiana. During the tumultuous campaign, he discovers the trials and tribulations of running for office?while also struggling to find a balance between his family?s reputation and modern democracy. In the process Joe gains not only a newfound appreciation for his grandfather's legacy, but also a greater understanding of himself.
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