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56min | 2003
After decades of pursuing mobsters and drug kingpins, the FBI is struggling to broaden its mission in the aftermath of September 11 attacks. Now, enter the inner sanctum today's FBI with unprecedented access granted to National Geographic. Witness the Bureau's top-secret Strategic Information & Operations Center (SIOC) at work. See rare footage of the FBI in action around the world and hear from special agents as they share their personal struggles, hopes and fears in the face of danger. Explore the history of the FBI, from the early days of J. Edgar Hoover's legendary G-men, to the Robert Hanssen spy case and the unique challenges of our modern, high-tech era. Narrated by Dennis Haysbert, star of the TV show "24."


Topics: Law, Detective, Drugs, Terrorism, 9/11, Crime, National, Social Issues, National Geographic, Dennis Haysbert, War
Reviews: A- 29 Fans
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Redewaan Williams
Redewaan Williams
December 18, 2013
Manik Bambha
Manik Bambha
March 22, 2013