The Garth Method

81mins | 2006 | ComedyTV14


Gregory Pakis
Garth Petridis
In 2001, unemployed actor, Garth Petridis, was imprisoned for one of the most unusual crimes in Australian history. Desperate for success, he kidnapped members of the public and forced them to perform, at gunpoint, in scenes for a bizarre movie intended to make Garth a household name. He kept a video diary of the whole process, and managed to film several scenes for his movie. Upon his release from jail he convinced filmmaker Gregory Pakis to recreate the story of his life before his crimes, as well as the outrageous stunts he pulled on his victims of 'method acting'. The result is a disturbing satire, mixing recreation with the actual video diary of the hostages, and their acting in Garth's movie - to create possibly the strangest comedy ever made, mixing terror and humor in the most unusual way. If it's not the strangest comedy ever made, it is certainly the weirdest story ever told about an actor pursuing his big break!

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