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The Good Life

The Good Life
1:26:35 | 2011

Categories: Documentary, Biography, Comedy, Foreign, Festivals

Two Danish ladies—mother and daughter—live together on the sunny Portuguese coast. And they've always gone first class—until now. The 56-year-old daughter, Anne Mette, has never worked and grew up believing that money is something you just pick up at the bank. But what do you do when the bank account is suddenly empty? This touching documentary follows the pair in their numerous and often funny attempts to adapt to their new grim reality of unpaid bills. In the beginning the Anne states, "I'd rather die than work," but later she reluctantly tries to enter a job market she knows nothing about. Much like the Maysles classic "Grey Gardens," THE GOOD LIFE is a tragi-comic story of wealth, loss and delusion in a family that had it all and ended up with nothing.


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March 28, 2016
What "revolution" do they keep talking about, by the way? What Communists? They lived in France and Portugal...



January 27, 2015
yes, I feel like this woman.. sometimes when we have it really good early in life we still need to feel what it is like for the rest of humanity. Most people in this world have miserable lives on the material level....