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Categories: Comedy, Arts and Culture
1:25:05 | 2001
Morty Fineman is a down-on-his-luck independent filmmaker with a robust career in the B-movie business. With his daughter Paloma and crew at his side, Morty tries desperately to find financing for his latest project, the socially conscious semi-erotic thriller, Ms. Kevorkian. Filled with interviews from Morty's celebrity friends, clips from his thirty years of films, and a cinema verite camera which follows Morty and Paloma as they try to find the money to help him complete his latest work, THE INDEPENDENT is the story of one man's struggle for a little bit of recognition. 


Topics: Celebrities, Dreams, Fame, Movie, Career, Mockumentary, Satires, Featured
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John Guljas
John Guljas
March 31, 2012
I'm really into cheese, see.
John Guljas
John Guljas
March 31, 2012
I like chedda.