The Last Krasucky

54mins2009Faith and SpiritualityTVG
Y.A. Krasucky
My father, Alon Alexander Krasucky, 57 years old, is the last Krasucky. Then my 94-year-old grandmother, Tosha, 94 years old needed to release a skeleton from her closet. Three years ago she invited Alon for lunch and dropped a bomb on him: "Alon, you are an adopted child!" Stripped of his past, my father had a crisis and decided to search for our biological family. From Tel Aviv to Lodz, he is looking for proof of his existence with his 20-year-old Romanian wife, a Polish driver and me, his son. THE LAST KRASUCKY is a movie about a dysfunctional family, a lost identity and an ex-grandma who sits heavily on the lid of her Pandora's Box.
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