The Last Survivor

Michael KleimanMichael Pertnoy
THE LAST SURVIVOR is a character-based, feature-length documentary film that presents the stories of genocide Survivors and their struggle to make sense of tragedy by working to educate, motivate and foster a civic response to these horrific acts. Following the lives of survivors of four different genocides and mass atrocities?The Holocaust, Rwanda, Darfur, and Congo?THE LAST SURVIVOR presents a unique opportunity to learn from the lessons and mistakes of our past in order to have a lasting social impact on how we act collectively in the face of similar issues today. In choosing four survivors who work as activists in the anti-genocide movement, the film promotes the vital importance of Survivor advocacy: the need for genocide Survivors to become leaders in a movement that seeks to remind the world what happens when apathy and inaction prevail. By presenting these stories of loss, survival, and hope side by side, the film highlights the commonalities these individuals share both as Survivors and, more broadly, as human beings.
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