The Life And Times Of Allen Ginsberg

Visionary, radical, spiritual seeker, renowned poet, founding member of a major literary movement, champion of human rights, Buddhist, political activist and teacher-- Allen Ginsberg's remarkable life challenged the very soul of America. For 25 years, Academy Award-nominated director Jerry Aronson accumulated more than 120 hours of film on Allen Ginsberg, resulting in this comprehensive and invaluable portrait of one of America's greatest poets, author of HOWL and other ground-breaking poems. The DVD includes exclusive and revealing interviews with his friends, family and contemporaries, as well as never before seen materials made public because of the warm friendship that developed between Ginsberg and the filmmaker. This deluxe edition contains the Director's Cut of the award-winning documentary that began filming in 1982 and is now complete, updated and re-mastered. Also included are many new interviews with the latest generation of artists influenced by Ginsberg. This compilation reveals the last 60 years of American culture beginning with the Beat era in the post war Forties and Fifties, continuing through the revolutionary Sixties and concluding with both the uncertainty and possibility of current times.
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