The Life and Times of Life and Times

Peter FriedmanJF Brunet
Elizabeth BlackburnJudith CampisiLeonard HayflickCynthia Kenyon Alain ProchaintzMichael RoseFrançois Schachter
The life of any one individual is of no importance to nature. That is why we age. Now, scientists are beginning to manipulate the aging process by altering genes which determine how long we live. Scientists all over the world are studying this. Some believe they know the answer and will soon be able to make it possible for humans to live two to three hundred years. A kind of scientific road movie, this film travels to meet scientists who have very different views of, and approaches to, this central fact of all our lives: how long can we live? As Judy Campisi of Berkeley, California puts it, 'For the first time, there?s a real hope of changing what we are, and what our genes tell us we must do.'
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