The Little Wizard: Guardian of the Magic Crystals

83mins2008Kids and FamilyTVY
John CernakDanny Oakley
Derek CernakRay CollinsStan BernsteinGeoffrey HolderBetsy HamiltonBeth BosticMegan BlakeChirie Dautel
In this animated adventure for the entire family, a little wizard and his sidekick go on an enchanted journey through a breathtakingly fantastical world. Once upon a time in a faraway land, a kind magistical wizard wove a spell granting immortality to the last remaining creature of every kind. But a powerful Drakken uses the spell for her own evil ambitions, and begins eliminating her rivals?until the only one remaining is a helpless cub named Knot. The magistical wizard turns the evil Drakken to stone, but must entrust the timid Foible to become THE LITTLE WIZARD. Now the last remaining sorcerer, Foible is tasked with protecting Knot and safeguarding the magic crystals. Narrated by actor Geoffrey Holder, this enchanting film features music by Bobby McFerrin and Celtic Woman.
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