The Long Haul of A.I. Bezzerides

Fay Efrosini Lellios
A.I. BezzeridesBarry GiffordMickey Spillane
A captivating documentary portrait, THE LONG HAUL OF A.I. BEZZERIDES charts the journey of reclusive novelist, poet and screenwriter Albert Isaac Bezzerides (1908?2007). Born in Turkey to Greek and Armenian parents, Bezzerides is best known for writing such film noir masterpieces as Thieves Highway (1940, based on his own novel The Long Haul and directed by Jules Dassin), On Dangerous Ground (1952, directed by Nicholas Ray), and Kiss Me Deadly (1955, adapted from Mickey Spillane's novel and directed by Robert Aldrich). Ninety-seven at the time of filming, Bezzerides offers colorful reflections on why he and his typewriter need to keep creating honest characters and stories; the film also offers a fascinating glimpse into his relationships with his wife, screenwriter Sylvia Richards, and close friends Aldrich and William Faulkner. Through rare photographs, film excerpts, haunting music by Fugazi, and testaments to his progressive creativity from other writers including crime novelist George Pelecanos (HBO's The Wire) and Barry Gifford (Wild at Heart, Lost Highway), THE LONG HAUL OF A.I. BEZZERIDES beautifully celebrates the life and work of this proletariat storyteller and the meaning of his favorite phrase by Carl Jung, ?There can be no birth of consciousness without pain".
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