The Loomis Gang

The Loomis Gang
1:20:16 | 2006

Categories: Documentary, Thrillers

THE LOOMIS GANG is a feature length documentary film based upon the tales of a legendary 19th Century crime family that operated in New York State. In the years surrounding The Civil War, The Loomis Gang was arguably the largest family crime syndicate in America. Today, however, few outside of central New York State have ever heard of these horse-thieving rogues from the small village of Waterville. No "professional" historians have laid claim to the Loomis legend. No action figures. No comic books. In fact, the only thing standing between the Loomis family and utter obscurity is a collection of local folks who are fighting to keep the legend alive in a village that largely ignores it. This struggle typifies a battle being waged in towns across the country, and history may be losing.


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Patricia Rider Bermon
May 8, 2014
While it may have been a touch slow at times, I thoroughly enjoyed the film nonetheless, although I admit to being partial to the story, having lived on Putnam Street as a young child, and enjoyed the company of my dear old neighbor Miss Terry, who was fond of Plumb on account of his having kindly given her a ride home in his wagon one day. Most of my Loomis Gang history was based on the novel Nine Mile Swamp, so it was good to learn more about the real history. Not that I remember much of a difference, other than the book's portraying Plumb as a more sympathetic character. Guess it's time to dust of my old copy and give it another read. It's still a great story; thanks for telling it!
Charles Johnson
April 14, 2014
Frederica Banning
January 11, 2014
The film uses wooden figures to demonstrate the Loomis persons, which is unique. There are some spots where the film is too slow paced.
William Wicknick
January 11, 2014
December 24, 2013
debra sparks
November 27, 2013
Mike Downs
October 31, 2013
August 13, 2013
Caedy Shultz-Loomis
November 22, 2012
Could there be any relation to the Loomis family in Bennington, Vermont? George Washington Loomis came from Vermont (or was actually driven out of for stealing horses) before he settled in New York.
Dave Petteys
October 15, 2012
It's a great documentary film. Unfortunately it's very difficult to watch because it breaks up and stops and starts so often. In the 50's when I was a kid growing up in Utica, NY my dad used to tell stories about the loomis gang and their exploits of thievery. It's really surprising that the gang hasn't become the basis of movie or docudrama.