The Most Distant Course

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Categories: Romance, Drama, Foreign
1hr 53min | 2007
Tang goes on a trip to Taitung to record the sounds of nature, hoping the tape may save his relationship with his girlfriend who is leaving him. What he does not know, is that she has already moved away and another girl, Yun, has moved into that apartment. Yun is trapped in a hopeless love triangle, and troubled by all the issues she faces in life. After listening to the tape that Tang sent, she feels as if the kindness of nature is calling her, and travels to Taitung to find the mysterious man who sends her the tape.


Topics: Dating, Relationships, International, Nature, Girlfriend, Mystery, Love Triangle, Couple, Journey, Psychiatrist, Break Up
Reviews: B 1 Fans
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Inouk Touzin
Inouk Touzin
December 9, 2013