The Personals

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36min | 1999
The 1999 Academy Award Winner for Best Documentary Short, THE PERSONALS offers an extraordinary look at the emotional lives of elderly Americans. The film follows a group of senior citizens as they rehearse and present an original play at a community theater on Manhattan's Lower East Side. Drawn from the comedy and drama of their own lives, the play is structured around their quest for dates through the personal ads. As the rehearsals progress, the filmmaker's camera follows the individual members of the group into their homes, as it explores both the joys and the sorrows of growing old in America. Onstage, players perform their roles with energy and laughter; offstage, their lives are often lived alone, and in silence. THE PERSONALS paints a surprisingly humorous and intimate portrait of a segment of our society whose inner lives are not often explored.


Topics: Aging, Dating, Acting, Academy Award Winner, Sex & Romance, HBO, Theatre, Retirees, Relationships, Academy Awards
Reviews: A+ 8 Fans
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Brandy Macaluso
Brandy Macaluso
December 6, 2013
Jeff Douglas
Jeff Douglas
April 1, 2013