The Red Tail

On August 19, 2005, airline mechanic Roy Koch?along with 4,400 other mechanics, custodians, and cleaners?went on strike against Northwest Airlines, the fourth largest airline in the world. Northwest (known as "The Red Tail" by its employees) wanted to lay off 53% of their union and outsource their jobs. What followed was a 444-day strike that would end with 4,000 union members out of work, including Koch. In the wake of this battle, he and his daughter Melissa (who also co-directed the film) embark on a trip to meet the worker in China to whom Roy's job was outsourced. Interweaving this personal journey with the eventual downfall of the airline, THE RED TAIL serves up a stunning example of the dangers of our current economic system and casts a light on the future of the working class.
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