The Secret: Evidence We Are Not Alone

The Secret:  Evidence We Are Not Alone
45:03 | 2003

Categories: Biography, Science and Environment

Though the official stance of the U.S. government has been to deny any knowledge or possession of evidence that would suggest authentic encounters with extraterrestrial life, many contend that this position is nothing short of an outright cover-up. This engrossing documentary searches high and low with the help of the Freedom of Information Act to unmask the government's orchestrated conspiracy, which conceals a wealth of evidence that proves once and for all the existence of alien life.


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Martha Scott
March 10, 2015
Frederica Banning
February 15, 2014
Interesting historical data about the UFO cover ups.
karen todd
January 5, 2014
i always like stories that are just a little bit off the norm- these are definitely off the norm-
November 29, 2013
larry henslee
September 23, 2013
Keith Reagan
August 6, 2012
OK kids, spelling matters because people judge you if you come off as uneducated. Michelle, "sammarians" are actually the Sumerians, and Michael, terestual (as in extra-terestual) is really terrestrial, as in Terra -earth. Satan may be of this world, as you contend, but, God knows, satan spells better than you do.
Arthur Johnson
September 24, 2012
Well thank you, Mr. Spellcheck.......
Michael Rosenthal
October 2, 2012
People who are too lazy to spell correctly or check their facts have a new "out." They call those who can spell correctly, "anal." The "analizers" don't realize that their lack of accuracy leads others to scratch their heads wondering that if the spelling is so bad, can their arguments and opinions be respected or even understood. Sorry Mr Johnson. Your sarcasm is not respected.
Gabriel Gowell
October 2, 2012
Arthur Johnson You're giving a dude a hard time for correcting grammar and spelling. Yet, you work at a high school? Albeit, a vocational one. Is that really the example you want to set?
Curtis Benson
January 30, 2013
Good lord, give it a break...It matters to you! People get a "train of thought" going, and they don't want to stop and "spell-check". If I were to spend any amount of time with any of you, I am sure I could find some deficiancy in you. It's not hard to do.
Ed Emrick
August 3, 2012
stop and check out time 33.20 about. read the e paragpaph.
Steve Rivkin
July 23, 2012
They exist, there is to much evidence. I wonder just how much evidence our Gov't has and where is it hidden. I have long said most Governments would hide the info if they could to seek strategic military advantage, even though nations would object if it could be proven.
Martin Parks
July 24, 2012
Another witness to this. I've seen Flying Craft that are not like anything we have. I don't know where they come from but they were reported by many people and reported by the news.
Michael McGraw
July 6, 2012
The universe is infinatly large. No way we are the only sentiant beings in it. The galaxy we are in is so big and the fact that we are on the outer edge of it only means that we haven't been found yet by another space-faring race. Or perhaps they have found us and are waiting to see if we can find them. Maybe they feel we aren't ready for contact with them yet...who knows. I believe that God wouldn't have made only 1 sentant race of beings to inhabit this HUGE universe. He is too smart for that!
Andrea Wells
July 5, 2012
Larry, Just saw your comment and the conversation that ensued. FIRST, I hope you mean it as a compliment when ya called me Spacegirl! Second, I embrace the cocktail party analogy. And what an opinionated group at this party! Sometimes people seem deeper or more able to to express themselves here than we usually are to each other in person. Just another phenomenon. Are you back in France for good? Provence sounds tre bien. Best to ya.