The Shape of the Future

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Categories: War
1:40:06 | 2006
For decades, the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians has raged on in the Middle East. "Shape of the Future" takes a look at opinions on both sides of the conflict, and discovers a surprisingly similar set of solutions proposed by the people most affected by the conflict. This film is unique in that it looks ahead in a positive direction, rather than focusing on the negative events of the past. "Shape of the Future" made headlines when it was aired simultaneously in Israel, the Palestinian territories and other Arab countries.


Topics: Middle East, Palestine, Israel, War, Conflict, Peace
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Peter Lopez
Peter Lopez
November 23, 2012
11/22/2012 ~ It is high time to resolve this on again-off again War between Israel and Palestine. It is all a microcosm of all the divisions in the world. We should consider a two-state solution, but it will take long generations for the two peoples to learn to live together in peace and harmony. Despite being together in the United States, White folks and Black folks are still also divided. At least here it has not yet degenerated into an all-out race war. Let us keep in mind that all of us upon Mother Earth are actually one race of human beings ~human beings who should strive to be truly HUMANE with care, concern and compassion for all of the Family of Humanity. Namaste! Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan c/s.
Cassandra Langer
Cassandra Langer
November 22, 2012
high time to resolve this. If there was no terrorism there would not need to be check points. You can resent things or do something to control your terrorists. Israel is not sending terrorists into Gaza-they are not bombing civilian populations without cause. The cause-Hamas planting Bomb factories and missile sites in civilian homes.