The Waterkeepers

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. leads the nation's fastest-growing grassroots environmental organization, the Waterkeeper Alliance. Like an environmental "Neighborhood Watch" program, waterkeepers take polluters to court, respond to citizens complaints about water pollution, identify problems that affect rivers, bays, lakes and streams; devise appropriate remedies and act as living witnesses to the condition of local ecosystems. Waterkeepers have helped to clean up and protect hundreds of water bodies around the world from pollution and dirty industries.

THE WATERKEEPERS chronicles the heroic efforts of river, bay and soundkeepers from Alaska to North Carolina. Their hands-on public advocacy environmentalism has become a model for ecosystem protection: citizens defending the ecosystems in which they live.


Topics: Environment, Pollution, Nature, Activism, Water, Kennedys, Politics, DC Environmental Film Festival
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September 11, 2013
glenn moody
glenn moody
July 17, 2013