Third Monday in October

91mins | 2006 | Kids and FamilyTVG
Vanessa Roth
Kayla Bacon, Mick Del Rosario, Dustin Godivas, Sam Arabian
In the fall of 2004, amidst the most heavily campaigned months of what was called the most important election of modern times, THIRD MONDAY IN OCTOBER brings us into the heart of the campaigns and elections that millions of families across the country focused most: Not the race between the George Bush and John Kerry, but the student council presidential elections of 12-year-olds vying for the promise of leading their middle schools. Following young candidates from four schools across the United States from their first days of their campaigns up until the final emotional and dramatic day of elections, and reflected by the national political drama surrounding thee young people, we see a true slice of American politics - raw and uncensored through the eyes and votes of middle schoolers.
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